After careful consideration and with an abundance of concern for our USS Indianapolis (CA 35) survivors, families, and friends, we have made the difficult decision to cancel our 75th Anniversary Reunion, scheduled for July 23-26 in Indianapolis. The COVID-19 coronavirus has impacted us individually and as a nation. Safety of travel and restrictions on gatherings have also influenced our decision.  

We fully understand how important it is to commemorate the historic 75th anniversary of the loss of USS Indianapolis (CA 35) and to honor and reflect on Indy’s brave crew. So while we won't be convening in Indianapolis this year, we look forward to bringing special programming to your homes!


For the first time ever, the USS Indianapolis (CA 35) Survivors Organization and the USS Indianapolis (CA 35) Legacy Organization are teaming up with media professionals in order to provide free online access to special guest presentations, Q&A Sessions, live special-edition memorabilia auctions, educational videos, exclusive access to commemorative merchandise in our online store, and more!


The Online Virtual Reunion is set to take place on the anniversary of the sinking, July 30th - August 1st. Please make sure to check back here, and on our social media pages for updates in the next few weeks! And see below for answers to our Frequently Asked Questions.


For those who are already registered to attend the reunion, we will be processing refunds shortly. We ask for your patience as it will take us a while to notify all registrants and to process refunds.  To cancel your room reservations, please contact the Hyatt Regency Indianapolis directly. 


Again, our priority is to support the well-being of our survivors and their guests.  Thank you for your understanding.


- The USS Indianapolis (CA 35) 2020 Reunion Planning Team



You are invited to join us! Our Indy family includes living Survivors; relatives of Survivors, Lost-at-Sea crew, former crew, rescue crews, namesake crew, and friends.

The nonprofit Legacy Organization was established in 2018, and has been endorsed by the USS Indianapolis Survivors Organization to carry on their legacy. With our full commitment, their story will continue. We hope you'll join us!

Jason Witty, Chairman, USS Indianapolis Legacy Organization

Grandson of Survivor Eugene Morgan, BM2
Honorary Survivor

Help support the USS Indianapolis Legacy!

An Important Note from Survivor & Chairman
Harold Bray

Frequently asked questions

Q: How many survivors are still living?

A: Of the 316 men who survived the sinking of USS Indianapolis (CA 35) in 1945, there are eight survivors living today. They range in age from the youngest, who are 93 years old, to the oldest, who is 98 years old. They live throughout the United States and have tremendous support from loving families and friends. These eight men and all of their shipmates are a treasured part of our nation’s history.

Q: Will there be a Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony in 2020?

A: It is our greatest hope that we will be able to arrange a presentation of the Congressional Gold Medal in 2020. Please check back here for updates.

Q: Who is the Congressional Gold Medal being awarded to?

A: There is one Congressional Gold Medal awarded on behalf of the entire final sailing crew of USS Indianapolis (CA 35).

Q: May I purchase a replica of the Congressional Gold Medal?

A: Bronze replicas of the Congressional Gold Medal will be available for purchase in the future. Details will be posted on here as soon as the information becomes available.

Q: Now that the reunion is cancelled, how will the 75th Anniversary be comemorated?

A. While it was a sad and difficult decision to cancel the Indianapolis based reunion this summer, the pandemic has created a unique opportunity for us to bring the reunion directly to the families, friends and persons interested in the story of USS Indianapolis (CA 35). We are teaming up with media professionals to provide online access to special guest presentations, live Q&A sessions, special-edition memorabilia auctions, educational videos, exclusive merchandise through our online store, and more. It will take place on the actual 75th Anniversary dates of the sinking and rescue, July 30 – August 1.

Q: Will there be a reunion next year?

A: As of now, no dates have been scheduled for a reunion next year. Our primary focus at this time is 2020. We will begin planning for future reunions in due time.

Q: How do I cancel my hotel reservations at the Hyatt Regency Indianapolis?

A: Please contact the Hyatt Regency Indianapolis at 317-632-1234. The hotel has been notified and is honoring cancellations within their room reservation guidelines.

Q: How will I get my registration fees refunded?

A: We are providing full refunds (less processing fees if paid online). If you mailed in a check with your registration form, our treasurer has held your check without deposit and will contact you by email to verify that your check will be voided. If you paid online through PayPal, your registration fees will be refunded by check to you less any fees collected by PayPal.

Q: Will I be able to purchase USS Indianapolis merchandise online?

A: Yes, in the coming weeks we will be have an exclusive online storefront where you can purchase T-shirts, jackets, hats, special 75th Anniversary Commemorative books, coins, limited-edition items, and more. Additional information will be shared on our web site and social media platforms shortly.

Q: How can I stay informed about the USS Indiapolis (CA 35)?

A. There are several ways to stay connected and keep informed about USS Indianapolis (CA 35). The primary resource for official information regarding USS Indianapolis (CA 35) is this website. Here you can find details about the ship, her final sailing crew, and the latest news. Add your name to our email list to receive direct communications. Also to make sure to check out our social media updates about books, film, television, and news appearances involving USS Indianapolis Survivors, Lost at Sea families, rescue crew and former crew members. Links to our social media handles can be found below on the home page.

Q: PRESS INQUIRIES - How do I connect with Indy survivors and family members for stories and interviews about the upcoming 75th anniversary?

A: Please contact us at or fill out the form below, and a team member from our organization will reach out to you immediately.

Survivor & Chairman of the USS Indianapolis Survivor's Organization, Harold Bray, speaks on behalf of his shipmates about the future of the Indianapolis story and officially endorsing the CA-35 Legacy as the only organization charged with carrying the torch and representing the voice of the USS Indianapolis story for generations to come. 

Read Harold's message HERE, & learn more about the USS Indianapolis      CA-35 Legacy organization!

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