"Decades later, it would be discovered that the Navy's high command knew all along that the Indianapolis was sailing into extreme danger and never warned the captain."

From "It's Time to Right a Wrong" by Peter Maas,
Parade Magazine, August 20, 2000

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The following information has been found on the net about the USS Indianapolis. As a word of caution for browsers, some of the information may contain inaccuracies.


The above mentioned links and content is the official Navy version. The Survivors Organization has never accepted the official Navy version of the justification for Captain McVay's court-martial. Although it does confirm that several mistakes were made by the Navy, it is our opinion that it does not contain all facts and information about the sinking of the Indianapolis. Also some facts on the page we believe to be inaccurate, for example the visibility on the night of the sinking. We would caution browsers to note that the Navy is NOT anxious to clear the name or Capt. McVay.


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