The Legacy Organization proudly honors American flag requests made by families of the final sailing crew of the USS Indianapolis (CA-35). We work in partnership with the Indiana War Memorial to have keepsake United States flags flown over the USS Indianapolis CA-35 Memorial. Indy crew families participating in this program are presented with their family member’s American flag after it has been flown. Also included is a certificate of authenticity dated and signed by J. Stewart Goodwin, Brig Gen, USAF (Ret) Executive Director, Indiana War Memorials Commission. Funding to offset the cost of the program is generously provided by a family of one of those tragically lost-at-sea in the ship’s sinking on July 30, 1945. 

Our goal is to acknowledge as many of the final sailing crew as possible. Since the non-profit Legacy Organization was founded in May 2018, thirty-seven flags have been flown. Last year (July 2019-July 2020) eleven flag requests were made and honored.

In July, 2019 flags were flown for these Lost-at-Sea Final Crew:

James Clark Davis, RM3

Joseph Ercel Kincaid, FC2

Richard Robert Matheson, PHM3 

Charles Roberts, S1

Wilbur Chuck “Angel” Gwinn (Rescuer)

James Belcher, S1 (Survivor)

Sherman Booth, S1 (Survivor)

Don Howison, ENS (Survivor)

Jim Jarvis, AMM3 (Survivor)


The Flag Raising ceremony was conducted by:

  • General Stewart Goodwin, Executive Director, Indiana War Memorials & Honorary Survivor.

  • Jason Witty, Chairman of USS Indianapolis Legacy Organization & Grandson of Survivor Eugene Morgan

  • Michael William Emery, Uncle and Namesake of Lost-at-Sea, William Friend Emery, S1

  • Michael Hussey, Honorary Survivor

  • Jim Belcher, Son of Survivor James Robert Belcher, S1


To request a flag, please complete the follwing form:


USS Indianapolis (CA-35) Legacy Organization

American Flag Flying over the USS Indianapolis CA-35 Memorial